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Sunday, 02 August 2015
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Jefferson County Democratic Party Privacy Policy
At the Jefferson County Democratic Party (JCDP), we are committed to protecting your privacy online. While using our website, you do not have to identify yourself or divulge personal information, though certain features, including polling place locators and ballot status requests, do require identification. If you should choose to give us your personal information, you decide the amount of information you provide.
The Democratic Party is continually trying to expand online activism and to give voters the information they need in a timely manner. As a result, we may periodically ask you to provide information such as your name, address, phone number and email address in an effort to enhance our ability to work with you as an online activist. If you choose not to give us any information, we may not be able to provide you with timely information regarding events and issues important to you as a politically interested and active citizen.
The Jefferson County Democratic Party maintains several interconnected websites at any given time. The principal website, jeffcodems.org, is permanent. Other issue-specific websites are created and removed as needed to highlight important national issues and events. All websites owned and operated by the Jefferson County Democratic Party are identified by the text "Paid for by the Jefferson County Democratic Party".
Our privacy policy explains the information practices we use at jeffcodems.org and other Democratic Party websites related to:
  • How we protect your information
  • How we use your information
  • How to correct information you provided
  • How to contact us about privacy
Our site links to a limited number of other websites. The JCDP is not responsible for the content or the privacy policies of these websites.
This privacy policy may be amended by the JCDP at any time without notice other than posting of such amendments on this site.
How do we protect your information?
Our website has security measures in place to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of the information under our control. Our servers are located in a locked, secure environment.
When you contribute online, the JCDP uses state-of-the-art security protocols to protect sensitive data, such as personal information and credit card numbers. The privacy of this data is ensured with a keyed symmetric encryption algorithm. While this data is being transferred, it is protected by the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) using a 128-bit signed certificate. Encryption keys are secured by Verisign. For more information on SSL and web security, see http://www.verisign.com .
How do we use the information you provide the JCDP?
When you volunteer online:
Our volunteer forms ask you to give us contact information (such as your name and email address) and geographic information (such as your zip code and state). We use this information to send you customized content about campaigns and to help match your interests to campaign activities. If you provide your phone number, we may call you. If you choose to subscribe to an email newsletter, we use your email address to send you that newsletter. You may remove your email address from that subscriber list by visiting the unsubscribe page for that list.
When you contribute money online:
We are required by Colorado law to collect and report to the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder the name, mailing address, occupation and name of employers of individuals whose contributions exceed $100 in a calendar year to all levels of the Democratic Party in Colorado. These records are available to the public. However, they cannot be used by other organizations for fund raising. For additional information, visit the FEC website at http://www.fec.gov . We also make a note of your telephone number and email address, which helps us to contact you quickly if follow-up on your contribution is necessary under Federal election law.
When you sign up for one of our mailing lists:
We collect your name, contact information, and email address, and certain other information. We use your email address to send you the email newsletter to which you subscribed. You may remove your email address from that subscriber list by visiting the unsubscribe page for that list.
The JCDP respects your privacy. We will not give, sell or rent your email address to any other organization unless you specifically authorize us.
The JCDP will not sell, rent, or disclose email addresses or other information about persons obtained other than to provide it to Democratic Campaigns covering Jefferson County. Individuals who elect to code their e-mail addresses as
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